Remote Access ControlHoffman Cooling (formerly McLean Cooling Technology) announces Remote Access Control for the complete family of SPECTRACOOL air conditioner models, including standard, compact and narrow. Available as a factory-installed option, the Remote Access Control includes an on-board interface and PC-based visual tool. This parametric controller allows users to monitor and control the operation of air conditioners directly or remotely from a personal computer.

Offering flexible communication capabilities, SPECTRACOOL air conditioners equipped with Remote Access Control provide SNMP protocol through Ethernet and ModBus protocol via USB. Operators can utilize factory pre-programmed set-points or directly establish their own by monitoring and controlling heating and cooling set-points and high and low temperature alarm set-points via the on-board control status indicator or remotely with the PC Interface Tool software. The software also allows users to manage multiple air conditioner units by assigning a unique IP address to each unit.

Catalog numbers for SPECTRACOOL Air Conditioners with Remote Access Control can be found in the Hoffman Cooling Specifier’s Guide which is available now.

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