Hoffman Cooling LogoThe branding of McLean® Cooling Technology industrial enclosure cooling equipment is transitioning to Hoffman®, in line with the strategies of parent company Pentair Equipment Protection.

Pentair’s strategy of greater simplification within its brands has led to the name change; pertinent points include:

  • Only the name has changed; everything else remains the same.
  • The 30+ years of cooling experience and engineering support continue to carry on. The McLean brand has evolved to Hoffman, McLean is not going out of business.
  • Part numbers and specifications have not changed. Customer specifications need not change, as McLean and Hoffman are both Pentair brands.
  • While the change took effect at the start of 2014, there will be some delay in Hoffman® branding of equipment supplied within Australia, as we use McLean® branded stock.
  • And of course, Bertech Industrial Environments will continue to provide the same expert product support to Hoffman® Cooling as it has to McLean Cooling Technology (and previous McLean identities) over 30+ years.