McLeanG52IndoorLeftBlueBackground154x350McLean Cooling Technology have again set the trend in industrial electronics cooling with the release of their SpectraCool™ range of air conditioners for indoor and outdoor applications.

The new SpectraCool™ air conditioners include earth-friendly refrigerant and energy-efficient rotary compressors, which deliver up to 50% more cooling efficiency compared to other air conditioners. The RoHS compliance of the systems adds to the eco-friendly profile of these systems.

SpectraCool™ air conditioners are the most versatile series ever introduced, with models available for both indoor and outdoor applications, in nominal cooling capacity of 2100 and 3500 Watts (50Hz), and further capacities to be introduced in 2010. The units are available in exterior and partial-recessed mounting options, and optional Type 4X stainless steel versions are also available.

McLean Cooling Technology have designed the SpectraCool™ series to provide the ultimate in reliable performance. The systems operate up to +55ºC, ranging down to minus 40ºC for the outdoor units, and 10ºC for the indoor units. Dual condenser-side air-movers are included for performance redundancy, and cabinets incorporate all-metal construction with no plastic parts, to better withstand rugged factory and outdoor environments.

The inclusion of installation hooks and lighter weight allow easier installation of the SpectraCool™ air conditioners, and the attractive industrial design and minimal use of visible fasteners promote a clean appearance.

A door-switch power-off relay is included in indoor SpectraCool™ units, as well as a condensate management heater strip, and malfunction switch. Other convenient features within the outdoor units include corrosion-resistant components, head pressure control to allow low-ambient cooling, and a heater package for application in cold climates.

McLean Cooling Technology manufacture other thermal management products for electronic enclosures, including heat exchangers and fan/blower systems.

McLean Cooling Technology products are available from Bertech Industrial Environments Pty.Ltd., specialists in thermal engineering solutions for over 20 years. Full application support is provided with all products offered.