FILTERFANS & ACCESSORIES for Industrial Applications:

filterfansRübsamen & Herr Filterfans may be used for cooling of electronic control cabinets when temperature rise above the ambient conditions may be tolerated within the cabinet, and where the ambient air quality is suitable for cooling. Also offered is a broad range of accessory items, including Enclosure Heaters, Thermostats, and Hygrostats. The high quality German design and manufacture of Rübsamen & Herr’s products assures greater reliability for critical industrial electronic systems.

The matrix below outlines the range of Rübsamen & Herr products offered by Bertech:


LV Series Filterfans 63 to 930 m3/h
GV Series Exhaust Filters 148 mm to 323 mm square
DL Series Top Mount Fans / DE Exhaust Vent 405 to 690 m3/h
DVL Series Top Mount Fans / DVE Exhaust Filters 120 to 840 m3/h
Enclosure Heaters 30 to 1000 Watts
Enclosure Thermostats & Hygrostats -